Selection of boubous and muumuus for men. Basics and original creations for all styles. Discover our cuts and our wax fabrics and choose among the colors and materials the one that suits you perfectly!

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Man boubou, a traditional African clothing but also a different size clothing

The traditional African man boubou is often made of 3 pieces of the same fabric, with pants, a tunic and a shirt underneath. The tunic usually has a triangular neckline and pockets. But at So Boubou, the boubou man is often a unique piece, the tunic, with a long length of fabric that goes down to the feet. Thus, the clothes reserved for large sizes can also be original and colorful! Forget about tough shopping and poorly fitting clothes. Dare to change! Thanks to the boubou man, whatever your figure, you have an unparalleled choice of large size clothes.
Discover clothes that you will enjoy during hot weather on summer or to be comfortable at home. The boubous will flatter your curves in a wide range of patterns (wax, dashiki, bogolan, kente ...) and colors (black, blue, green, red, orange, yellow ...). Opt for a casual style, adapted to your stature, without neglecting the quality of the cuts and finishes. As for women, please gentlemen do not hesitate to send me your specific requests or achievements tailor-made, I will answer with pleasure. Boubous and muumuus cheap and quality :-)